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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poll: What was the craziest lawsuit of 2013?

Yes, these really happened.  And they happened in New Jersey. 

In legal news, 2013 marks the year when New Jersey courts were asked to decide the legitimacy of Subway's popular 'Footlong' sandwich, how little to compensate motorists in the red light camera settlement, and the definition of 'fiction' as it relates to Lance Armstrong's autobiography

And let's not forget the dad who filed a $40 million suit against a Gloucester county school district after his son was kicked off the track team.  Or the Essex county golfer who sued other golfers for failing to yell "fore!"

Yes, fellow New Jersey residents: your hard-earned tax dollars are helping bring these cases to justice. 

And as we continue the good fight for legal reform in 2014, take a minute to exercise your right to vote for the craziest lawsuit of them all:


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